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Thursday 14 September




























Coffee and Registration


Welcoming Remarks


Plenary Session 1 - Andrea K. Henderson, “No Name: Numerical Abstraction and Victorian Character


Coffee Break

Panel 1a    
Logic, Poetry and Poetics

Chair: Rachel Falconer

Johanna Winant, “Dickinson’s Analogies”

Himanshu Kumar, “Sense and Nonsense in Sukumar Ray’s Abol Tabol

Carla Billitteri, “The Long Controversy: Laura (Riding) Jackson and Analytical Philosophy”


Panel 2a

Logic and Modernism

Chair: David Spurr


Bridget O’Reilly, “A Human Calculus: Bloom's Narrative Conquering in Joyce's Ulysses


Nell Wasserstrom, “The Logic of Nacthträglichkeit and its Discontents”


Patrick Jones, “On Not Being Made of Literature: Franz Kafka and the Logical Priority of Life”

Coffee Break

Panel 3a

Logic in Beckett and Calvino

Chair: Nell Wasserstrom


Balazs Rapcsak, “‘that flame… that flame… that burns away filthy logic’: The Vicissitudes of Logic in Samuel Beckett”


Alberto Tondello, “The Deviant Logic of the clinamen in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities

Panel 1b

Wittgenstein’s Literary Logic
Chair: Sangam MacDuff


Lilli Förster, “Tolstoy and Wittgenstein – a shared approach to Living and Thinking”


David Lindeman, “Tractatus as Poem”


Sabrina Sampaio Martins, “Enjoy the Silence: Reading Wittgenstein with Paul Celan and Anne Carson

Panel 2b

Fuzzy Logic, Cybernetics and Modernist Aesthetics

Chair: Ties van Gemert


Arya Mohan S, “Fuzzy Logic and Darwin’s Species Concept”


Simon Swift, “I.A. Richards and Cybernetics”


Anna Dijkstra, “Poetics of Non-Contradiction in Modernist Subjectivity”


Panel 3b

Logic and Literary Form

Chair: Patrick Jones


Aurelia Cojocaru, “Mere analogy: T. S. Eliot’s Russellian metaphors and the enduring spectre of modernism and science”


Alexandra Huang-Kokina, “The Performative Logic of Modern Essays: Exploring the Autonomy of the Essay Form in Philosophy and Literature”


David Spurr, “Logic and its Other in the Modernist Architectural Manifesto”

Plenary Session 2 - Robert B. Pippin, “Cinematic Form and Philosophical Commitment: On Robert Bresson's L'Argent




Readings - Susan Howe and J.M. Coetzee

Friday 14 September



Plenary Session 3 - N. Katherine Hayles, “GPT and the Language of Logic:  Does It Make Sense?” 

Coffee Break








Panel 4a

(Il)logic in Borges

Chair: Matthew Scully


Pedro Hurtado Ortiz, “Borges’s ‘Funes,’ Or Thinking Beyond Formal Logic”


Simona Bartolotta, “The ‘Illogic’ of Fiction: Speculative Reflections on Abduction, Naturalization, and Signification in Narrative”


Panel 5a

Aspects of Fictional Logic

Chair: Simon Swift


Michael LeMahieu, “Ordinary Logic, Generic Racism”


Eliis Maria Peters, “Logic Undone in Refugee Narratives”


Matthew Scully, “Disfigurations: On Lydia Davis, Logic, and Fiction”

Coffee Break

Panel 6a

Logic and Contemporary Poetry

Chair: Alberto Tondello


Helen Thaventhiran, “‘not a logician’: Welby, Howe and Peirce”


Rupsa Banerjee, “Examining the Use of Logic in the Poetry of Veronica Forrest-Thomson and Rebecca Elson: Converging the Conceptual Horizons of Science and Poetry”

Panel 4b

Speculation, Significs and Entrenchment

Chair: Anna Dijkstra


Gregor Schäfer, “Speculative Logic’s and Literature’s Action in Modern Times of Crisis. Hegelian Aspects”


Ties van Gemert, “The Aesthetics of Misunderstandings: Dutch Significs in between Solipsism and Logic”


Ian MacKenzie, “Entrenchment vs. gavagai, quaddition and grue, or how to respond to sceptical paradoxes and contrary logicians”

Panel 5b

Literature and Artificial Intelligence

Chair: Niall Gallen


Rebecca Roach, “Binarized Disciplines & the Logic of Conversation Theory”


Thomas Knowles, “‘Insane Poems’: The muse and the machine in J. G. Ballard’s ‘Studio 5, the Stars’”


Panel 6b

Technotexts, Automata and the Human

Chair: Rebecca Roach


Dorothy Butchard and Niall Gallen, “How a Picture No Longer Held Us Captive: Playful Logics in Moonstrips Empire News and Twenty-First Century Technotexts”


Diogo Sasdelli, “The Interplay Between the Anthropomorphism of Automata and the Mechanisation of Humanity as Represented in Contemporary Popular Culture”


Megan Quigley, “Is the Human a Vague Category? Reading Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun with AI”






Roundtable on Logic and Literature in the Age of AI – Andrea K. Henderson, Robert B. Pippin, N. Katherine Hayles, Marjorie Perloff

Chair: Sangam MacDuff




Farewell Dinner

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